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Full text of "Minutes of the Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Association, Spring and Fall Sessions. 1925."

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© Spring and Fall Sessions 


i 1925 

ELDER W. C. EDWARDS, Moderator, Wingate, N. C. 
J. W. JONES, Clerk and Treas., Peachland. N. C. 



Spring and Fall Sessions 

ELDER W. C. EDWARDS, Moderator, Wingate, N. C. 
J. W. JONES, Clerk and Treas., Peachland, N. C. 

Forty-first Spring Session held with the church at 
Howards Chapel, Stanly County, North Carolina on 
Saturday before the first Sunday in May, 1925. 

Also the Ninety-Third Annual or Fall Session held 
with the church at High Ridge, Union County, North 
Carolina, on Saturday before first Sunday in October, 



Howards Chapel Church, Stanly County, N. C. 

May 2, 1925. 
Assembled at the Stand on church yard at 11 a. m. 
Introductory Sermon delivered by Elder W. C. Ed- 
wards, Text 1 verse of 99 Psalms. Intermission one 
hour for dinner. 

At 1 :30 convened in the house. Praise and prayer 
by Elder R. H. Pittman, visitor from Luray, Va. Then 
Elder Edwards took his seat and proceeded. . 

1. Called for the Letters from the churches. These 
handed in and read by Brother H. M. Baucom and 
all messengers named seated: 

2. Re-elected Elder W. C. Edwards moderator and 
J. W. Jones, Clerk. 

At this juncture. Elder J. R. Wilson, who being pres- 
ent arose and stated that he made a mistake in Serving 
among us before his trouble at Danville had been in- 
vestigated, which had caused some dissatisfaction and 
misunderstandings among our people and expressed 
his sorrow and regret of same and asked for foregive- 
ness which was unanimously granted. Elders Hanks„ 
Pittman and Cayce, ail of whom vv^ere present stated 
that they fully believed the true identity of the church 
at Danville was with Elder Wilson and those v^ho stood 
with him in the trouble there. Then Elder W. F.. 
Pruett arose and stated that possibly he had caused 
some confusion here in our county and asked to be for- 
given, which was granted. 

3. Invited visiting brethren and sisters present 
from sister associations to seats. Elder J. A. Cave of 
Senter, and Elder W. C. McMillan of Tenn., Elder 
J. M. Royal and wife of Thurmond, N. C, Elders Lee 
Hanks, M. L. Einer and W. E. Cribbs of Georgia and 
Elders R. H. Pittman of Virginia and C. H. Cayce of 
Arkansas, Elder C. B. Kiiby of Sparta, N. C, and 
Elders J. T. Lewis, J. S. Lewis and J. R. Wilson of Vir- 
ginia, Elder W. F. Pruett of Ruffin, N. C, and Elder 
H. M. Williams and the two brother Bentleys of Silver 
Creek and the following brethren and sisters: T. A. 
Fender and wife of Mountain District; W. S. Shepherd 
of Mill Branch and W. L. Browning and wife and Sister 
Parris of Burlington, N. C. and brethren Chaney^ 
Hawker and Terry from Virginia were present, seated 


and welcomed. Minutes received and distributed from 
Senter, Mountain District, Fishers River, Roaring Riv- 
er, Silver Creek and Consolidated Tennessee and Nol- 

4. Appointed on arrangement committee brethren 
P. A. Howard, W. M. Clontz, S. D. Outen with the 
Moderator and Clerk. 

5. Elected the following ministers, Elders, W. C. 
McMillan, Lee Hanks, R. H. Pittman and C. H. Cayce 
to preach at the Stand tomorrow. Service at 10 a. m. 

6. Adjourned to 9:30 a. m. Monday. Benediction 
by the Moderator. 

Saturday evening preaching at Stand by Elders W. 
E. Cribbs, J. M. Royal and W. C. McMillan. 


Opened with Praise and prayer by Elder Pittman. 
Preaching first by Elder W. C. McMillan, Text 14 verse 
of 20 chapter of St. Matthew, followed by Elder C. H. 
Cayce, Text, Show Thy Self Approved unto God, etc. 

Intermission one hour for dinner. 

Then preaching by Elder Lee Hanks (Did not get 
Text), followed by Elder R. H. Pittman who preached 
from matter found in Second Chapter of Tytus. The 
preaching all good and in demonstration of the Spirit. 

Met pursuant to adjournment. Praise and praye-r 
by Elder J. A. Cave. 

7. Called on arrnagement committee to report. Re- 
port read and approved. 

8. Called roll of messengers and noted absentees. 

9. Called on corresponding messenger to Sister as- 
sociations to report. None reported. 

10. Called on corresponding messengers from Sis- 
ter associations to report. Reports made by Elders W. 
C. McMillan, H. M. Wilhams and J. A. Cave. 

11. Invited our visiting ministers and brethren 
present for expressions or comments. Elders C. H. 
Cayce, R. H. Pittman and C. B. Kilby expressed 
pleasure and comfort in the meeting. 

12. Called on Presbyteries to report. It was re- 
ported that on Saturday before the Second Sunday in 
October, 1924, Elders B. L. Treece, L. J. Gresham and 
W. R. Helms formed a Presbytery at New Zion church 
and ordained brother Will A. Helms to the work of 
gospel ministry and also that on 16 day of October, 
1924, Elders J. F. Mills, W. C. Edwards, B. L. Treece 
and D. S. Jones formed a Presbytery at Clarks Grove 


Church and ordained brother Jason Eudy to the work 
of gospel ministry and also that on Saturday before 
the fourth Sunday in March, 1925, Elders W. R. 
Helms, Jason Eudy and some Deacons formed a Pres- 
bytery at Liberty Hill church and ordained brother 
John T. Crisco as Deacon. 

13. That we return thanks to God for his mercy 
and to this church and people of the vicinity for hos- 
pitality during this meeting. 

14. Read and approved above minutes. 

15. Adjourned to time and place mentioned in 
last minutes. 

Preaching Monday at the Stand by Elders Cave, 
Riner and C. B. Kilby. 

Elder W. C. EDWARDS, Moderator. 
J. W. JONES, Clerk. 


Bear Creek — A. J. Furr, J. A. Barbae, H. Almond. 
Bethany — Not represented. 

Concord — J. F. Burrus, M. A. Helms, W. D. Furr. 
Clarks Grove — Robt. Lee, Elder Jason Eudy, G. W. Barb-ee. 
Crooked Creek — H. M. Green, Luther William.s, Gilbert Benton. 
Freedom — L. M. Hinson, A. J. Deese. 
Flat Lake — C. C. Hall, O. F. Haywood, C. E. Dennis. 
High Hill— W. M. Clontz, G. W. Helms, J. J. Hill. 
Hig-h Ridge — Elder W. C. Edwards, John Smith, J. B. Medlin 
Howards Chapel — M. F. Coble, Arch Carpenter, Thomas Howard. 
Jerusalem — C. B. Thomas, H. F. Curlee, T. F. Mills. 
Jones Hill — Virgil Whitley, Walter Greene, A. A. Morton. 
Liberty — Oscar Whitley, Stanly Burges, Oscar Broom. 
Liberty Hill — J. T. Crisco, A. A. Gilbert, C. F. Morton. 
Lawyers Spring — R. L. Horne, W. A. Dry, H. M. Baucom. 
Meadow Creek — H. A. W^illiams, Elder D. S. Jones. 
Mountain Creek — Elder B. L. Treece, J. S. Misenheimer, J. C. 

Pleasant Hill — J. M. Taylor, F. M. Helms, R. C. Perkins. 
Pleasant Grove — L. L. Griffin, C. N. Mullis, T. A. Helms. 
Philadelphia — ^S. J. McKiney, William Davis, Foster Beam. 
Running Creek — W. T. Tucker, J. D. Eury, E. N. Hatley. 
Union Grove — Ed Privett, S. D. Outen, F. L. Baucom 
New Zion — W. M. Coley, S. M. Underwood. , 
Watson — Troy Simpson, W. A. Hargett, Joel Mullis. 
Absentees marked thus * 





High Ridge, Union County, North Carolina 

October 3, 1925. 

Assembled at the Stand on church yard at 11 
o'clock and Introductory Sermon preached by Elder 
B. L. Treece, Text 25 verse of 5 chapter of St. John. 
Intermission one hour for dinner. 

About 1 :30 p. m. convened in the house. Praise 
and prayer Service conducted by Elder R. O. Raulston 
a visitor from Chattanooga, Tenn. Then Elder W. C. 
Edwards resumed his seat and proceeded in usual 

1. Called for the letters from the Several Churches. 
These handed in as called and read by brother H. M. 

2. Letters shoYv^ed all the churches in peace and 
their messengers seated. 

3. Re-elected Elder V/. C. Edwards Moderator 
and J. W. Jones Clerk. 

3. Invited visiting messengers from sister associa- 
tions to seats. Elder H. M. Williams and the brother 
Bentleys of Silver Creek and Elder J. A. Cave of Senter 
were present and seated. 

4. Invited visiting ministers, brethren and sisters 
from sister associations to seats. The following pres- 
ent and welcomed: Elders R. O. Raulston of Tenn.; 
S. G. Candiil of Statesville, N. C. ; J. R. Wilson of Dan- 
ville, Va.; W. F. Pruett of Ruffin, N. C. ; and brethren 
Idol and Snider of High Point, N. C. Minutes from 
Nolachnckey, Tenn. 

5. Appointed a committee of arrangements as fol- 
lows: Elder D. S. Jones and brothers J. S. Misenheimer 
and L. L. Griffin with Moderator and Clerk to report 
order of business for Monday. 

6. Appointed brothers Jonas Misenheimer and C. 
W. Safley committee of Finance to report Monday. 

7. That the following visiting ministers present are 
appointed and invited to preach at the Stand on Sun- 
day, viz: Elders J. A. Cave, R. O. Raulston, S. G. 
Candiil and W. F. Pruett. Service to commence at 
10 a. m. 

8. Adjourned to 9:30 a. m. Monday. Closed with 


prayer by the Moderator. . 

While the association was in Session in the house 
preaching service conducted at the Stand by Elders 
J. A. Cave and J. R. Wilson. 


Preaching service, first by Elder J. A. Cave, Text 
12 verse of 8 chapter of Hebrews, foliovv^ed by Elder 
R. O. Raulston, Text '^There is Now, therefore no con- 
demnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, etc." 
Intermission one hour for dinner. 

Then Elder S. G. Candill preached from 12 to 15 
verses of 2 chapter Phil., followed and closed by Ei- 
der Vv^. F. Pruitt from 18 verse of 1 chapter of Isiah. 
The preaching was all good and comforting. 


Met in the house pursuant to adjournment. Praise 
and prayer by Elder Henry Taylor. 

9. Renewed invitation to visitors to seats. 

10. Called on arrangement committee to report. 
Report read and approved. 

11. Called roll of messengers, noted absentees and 
read Rules of Decorum. 

12. Called on corresponding messengers to Sister 
associations to report. None reported. 

13. Called on corresponding messengers from sis- 
ter associations to report. Elder J. A. Cave of Senter 
reported peace and a desire to continue our corres- 
pondence. Same by Elder H. M. Williams of Silver 

14. That we continue our correspondence with 
Sister associations and that any of our brethren v/ho 
attends them are appointed to represent us in such 
meetings. Also continue to exchange minutes. 

15. Called on Presbyteries to report. Brother Sam 
Rimmer reported that himself and Elder E. A. Long 
and Deacon J. F. Rurrus formed a Presbytery at Pleas-^ 
ant Hill church on Saturday before the fourth Sun- 
day in August, 1925, and ordained brother J. M. Tay- 
lor a Deacon. Also Elder D. S. Jones reported that 
himself and Elder Robt. Helms formed a Presbytery 
at Meadow Creek Church on Saturday before the 
third Sunday in August, 1925, and ordained brother 


Minutes of the Ninety -Third Annual Session 
of the 

Bear Greek Primitive Baptist 

was held with the church at 
Liberty Hill, Stanley County, North Carolina 
October 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 1925 
They met at 11 o'clock 

The introductory sermon was cleiivered by Elder T. M. 
Standley. ^ 

After an intermission of one hour they jviet in the House vVhere 
iH'aise and piuyer was led by Elder W. K. Williams. 

1. Call for and read letters from the churches, and seated 

2. i-'Jlected Eld. T. M. Stanley as moderator, and E. L. Harwood 
as clerk, 

3. Ai:)poini:ed a committee on Arrangements — D. M. Hathcock, 
U. M. Hatley, VV. E. Williams with moderator and clerk. ' 

4. Committee on Finance — J. E. Russell and T. M. Broom. 

5. Adjournment until following morning 
First day's session dismissed at 10 p. ni. 

The, Association mcl pursuant to adjournment. 
Praise and prayer was led by Eld. T. I\f. Broom. 

Page Two 

6. Call on Committee on Arrang-ements to report. The com- 
mittee reported: "We your Committee beg to submit the follow- 
ing- report: That we have our minules published in "The Lone 
Pilgrim.'' Get it before the Baptist at large on what we stand- 
for, and what we had to do and why we did it; also republish 
our 1920 resolutions." , 

7. Appointed Eld. T. M. S'andley, D. M. Hathcock, E. L. Har- 
wood, J. E. Russell as messengers to the Black Creek association. 

8. Called on presbyteries. No repDrt. 

f). Called on Committee on Finance. They reported — 

Gent up by tho churches this year $10. 50 

Left on hand from last year 6.00 

Total $16.50 

Printing of 1025 Minutes.... 15.00 

Balance on hand 1.50 

10. The clerk to serve as treasurer and have 500 copies of 
these minutes printed and distributed. 

11. Our next Association to be held with the Church at Moun- 
tain Creek, six miles north of Albemarle; to begin on Friday 
before the fourth Sunday in September, 1926. 

ELDER T. M. STANDLEY, Moderator. 
E. L. HARWOOD, Clerk. 


We the undersigned churches, once being in joint membership 
with the Bear Creek Association, but a portion of them having 
plunged so deeply into disorder, that we, of the faithful order, 
cannot endure it any longer, and withdrew and declare non- 
fellowship for the disorderly faction of the Bear Creek Associa- 
tion and all others that follow after or with them. We come 
out from them as one of old, hoping and trusting in the God 
of Heaven, walking as we hope in faith as Abraham of old 
trusting in God, who lead him and instructed him, and we trust 
He is with us — the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 
As God . was with them, we hope He is with us to, guide us 

The Bear Creek Association was set up in the year 1832. We 
believe on the true principle of the Baptist, and we subscribe 
"and maintain the same principle of our fathers and the waving 
party has departed from these true principles of our fathers, 
and we can no longer follow with them. We declare non-fellow- 
ship for their disorder and stand on the true platform of our 

Page Three 

forefathers set up the Bear Creek Association. We are of the 
same faith and order contending for the true principles of God's 
kingdom. * ■ 

Now we will give some of the gross disorder they have 
plunged so deeply into that we cannot fellowship, wherein the 
Mountain Creek church had to exclude B. L. Treece for telling 
lies and acting in poor faith, and other things he was guilty of. 
And inasmuch as the Moderator and Clerk and others with them^ 
of the disorderly faction of the Bear Creek Association recogniz- 
ing B. L. Treece and others that were excluded with him, as 
being the Mountain Creek church and would not investigate the 
trouble. Although the Mountain Creek members plead for an 
investigation and the said disorderly faction would not hear nor 
:illow the members of the Mountain Creek church to explain the 
trouble and they would not investigate. Although they went on 
and recognized B. L. Treece as being the Mountain Creek church. 
They a.'e preaching him as an orderly preacher, which we can 
not fellowship and do hereby declare non-fellowship for the 
disorderly practice. 

Be it understood that we have no fellowship for the J. K. 
Wilson faction, B. F. Caudle, C. W. Safley, nor any that follow 
with them. 

ELDER T. M. STANDLEY, Moderator. 
E. L. HARWOOD, Clerk. 


1. We believe in one only true and living God, the Father, Son 
and Holy Gh'^.sl:, and these three are one 

2. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testa-- 
ments, translated by King James, is the written testimony cf 
God, and the only ruler of our faith and praclice. 

3. We T^elieve in the doctrine of eternal and particular election 
by grace. 

4. We believe in the doctrine of original sin. 

5. We believe man's impotency to recover himself from the 
fallen state he is in by nature or by his own free will or ability. 

6. We believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God 
only by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. 

7. We believe that God's elect shall be called, converted, re- 
generated and sanctified by the Holy Ghost. 

8. We believe that the saints shall preserve in grace and never 
fall finally away. 

9. We believe that baptism, the Lord's supper and feet wash- 

Page Four 

ings* are ordinances of Jesus Christ and the only true mode of 
Baptism is by immersion. 

10.' We believe in the resurrection of the deacl and a general 

Ill We believe the punishment of the wicked is everlasting; 
and the joys of the righteous are eternal. 

12. We believe that no minister has a right to the admin-stra- 
tion of the ordinance except such as are regularly called and 

^.r-^o under the hands of a Presbytery. 

13. We believe it to be disorder for the member of the church 
to unite with any of the Secret Institutions of the day* that now 
are in existence, or that shall hereafter come in to practice. 


Preamble from a long series of experiences we, who hope we 

are, the Church of Christ at are 

convinced of the necessity of coming together as often as may 
be in order to hold conference and to discharge our duty in 
watching over each other as Christ hath commanded. 

Ordered therefore that the following decorum be a rule for 
the church to conduct hersielf by in her future conferences. We 
will not forsake the house cf God or the assembling of our- 
selves together. Nah. 10:39. Heb. 10:25. 

Article 1 — The conference shall be composed of the members 
of this church, together with any members of sister churches 
that are present in good standing and fellowship of the same 
faith, and order who have liberty to seats with us. Acts 4:23; 
15:6. . 

Article 2 — The conference shall be opened and closed with 
praise to Almighty God. I Tim. 2:1. I Thiss. 5:17-18. , 

Article 3— -One shall be chosen to preside who shall be ad- 
dressed under the appfication of Brother Moderator and to whom 
■ every speech shall be particularly addressed. I Cor. 14:26-40. 

Article 4 — The members names being regularly enrolled shall 
be the clerk be distinctly called over when thought necessary by 
the church. Acts 1:15. 

Article 5 — A door shall be published open when thought neces- 
sary for the admission of new members into this church but 
none shall be admitted but by unanimous consent and who shall 
first verbally relate their experience or give an account of the 
work of God oti their souls and when full satisfaction shall be 
obtained the Pastor, I)eacon or Moderator shall manifest the 
, same by giving them ,the right hand of fellowship thereby re- 


Page Five 

ceivin^- Lhem in the church. I Peter 3:15. Gal. 2:19. 

Article 6 — No complaint shall he brought in to conferoffice 
against transgressing members respecting crimes of a , private 
matter until the aggrieved party has complied with the directions 
given by our Lord in Matthew 18:15-17. 

Article 7 — Every motion made and second shall come under 
the consideration of the conference unless withdrawn by the 
member who made it. I Cor. 14:40. 

Article 8 — Every query presented^ shall be thrice read and 
before it is received the Moderator shall take a vote and ac- 
cordingly 'as there is a majority for or against debating it; it 
shall be answered or not, but the querist may withdraw it at any 
time providing also that no - indirect query shall be imposed or 
asked. j 

Ariiclo 9 — If the minority shall be grieved at any time at 
the determination of the majority . they are hereby directed to 
make the same known immediately to the church and if satis- 
faction cannot be obtained it may be necessary in that case to 
call for help from sister churches. 

Article 10 — ^All the business of the conference shall be re- 
corded by the clerk and before conference rises the same shall 
be distinctly read and corrected, if need be. 

. Section 1. Any member refusing to attend conference the 
same is disorder. 

Section 2. Any member absenting him or herself from con- 
ference without leave the same is disorder. 

Section 3. A:ny member whispering or laughing in time of 
public speech the same is disorder. 

Section 4. If two or more shall speak at one time or any 
member speak without rising up and addressing the Moderator 
the same is disorder. 

Section 5. Any member speaking more than three times on 
one subject without leave, obtained the same is disorder. 

Section 6. Any member being grieved at anything done in 
conference and shall hold his or her peace and shall not let the 
same be known until the conference rises and shall afterwards 
speak of the same, as it manifestly tends to confusion, it is 
hereby deemed disorder. 

Section 7. Any member speaking or actiiig in wreath or anger 
or in a threatening, degrading manner as it shames religion, 
wounds the cause of Christ, and grieves true Christians, it' is 
hereby deemed disorder. ' 

Section 8. If the Moderator shall neglect to plainly and 
timely reprove any member transgressing any of these rules, or 

Page Six 

misbehaving in any manner irrevently in time of conference the 
same is disorder in him, and himself is for the same liable to 
be reproved. . 

Section 9. The woman hath not a right by the law of Christ 
to usury authority over the man and therefore ought not to 
speak in the church only in case of conscience sake or in such 
particular circumstances that the matter of the thing may 
require it. 

Section 10. If any membet shall absent him or herself from 
conference as much as three times in succession shall render to 
this body the cause of it. ^ 

Section 11. The Moderator shall have the right to give his 
views on any subject or vote in case of a tie providing he ap- 
points one to sit as Moderator while he makes his speech or 
gives his light on the matter. 


Article 1. It is understood and agreed upon by the church com- 
posing this Union that each church if it so chooses may send 
not more than three brethren with a letter, certifying their ap- 
pointment; the number baptised during the year preceeding; re- 
ceived by letter; restored; dismissed by letter, excluded or died; 
also the total number in fellowship at the time of sending said 

Art. 2. It is understood that no church on becoming a member 
of this Union parts with or surrenders any of Ker rights, pri- 
vileges, duties or responsibilities given her by the Great Head 
of the Church, and made binding on her in the New Testament. 

Art. 3. It is further understood that all disciplinary power and 
right pertaining to membership or fellowship in the church be- 
longs exclusively to the church or churches that this Union shall 
not assume the right to dictate to nor in any way interfere with 
he internal rights of the churches. 

Art. 4. Any church of this Union may withdraw at pleasure 
either by letter or without it but in either case it will be ex- 
pected that said church first give notice to the Union of her 
desire in this particular. 

Art. 5. Any Church may be dropped from this Union compact 
by request of two or more churches but his nor any other act 
of the Union shall not of itself be regarded as officially im- 
porting or breaking church fellowship among the churches of 
this union nor the members of the churches; we regard all 
matters touching fellowship as belonging exclusively to the 

Pago 3 oven 

Church or churches and requiring their official action to make it 

6. Art. 6. This Union shall not form any alliano3 correspon*!- 
ence or relation with any institution, secret or otherwise, except 
t3 correspond with other Primitive Baptist Unions, I he churclies 
v/hich are, known o be of the same faith and order with the 
churches composing this Union. 

Art. 7. Churches petitioning for membership will be admitted 
on giviftg satisfactory evidence of their being of the same faith 
and order with the churches composing this Union. 

Art. • S.^-This Union being formed by the churches as their 
chosen method to cultivate acquaintance and promote unity and 
correspondence among Primitive Baptist of like precious faith 
and order and will have no other article of faith than that 
which each church already has and which each member of this 
body has already endorsed and to which he is amenable in the 
church of which he is a member. 

Art. 9. Whatever may be the deficiency in the wording of 
Union agreement nothing herein will be so construed as to 
imply that this Union is in any way ,a separate and distinct in- 
stitution from the churches and no 'amendment shall ever be 
made constituting it a body separate from and independent of 
the churches of which it is composed^ 

Art. lO. The Union shall have a moderator and clerk of the 
body and it is agreed that the moderator and clerk of the church 
with which the Union convenes shall be the moderator and clerk 
of the Union ii^^case of their absence the members present shall 
elect others to serve pro tem. 


Albemarle — E. L. Harwood, R. 4, Albemarle, N. C. — Third 
Sunday in August. 

Liberty Hill— L. C. Blackwilder, R. 2., Mt Pleasant, N. C— 
Fourth Sunday in July. 

Jones Hill— J. S. Little, R. 2., Oaksboro, N. C.— Third Sunday 
in September. 

Mountain Creek— J. E. Russell, R. 2., Albemarle, N. C.,— 
Second Sunday in September. 

Meadow Creek— D. M. Hathcock, Stonfield, N. C— Fourth Sun- 
day in August. 

Pleasant View— W. E. Williams, Monrfte, N. C— Second Sun- 
day in August. 

H. A. Williams a Deacon and that himself and Elder;:' 
Robt. Helms and Jason Eudy formed a Presb5i:ery at 
Clarks Grove church on Saturday before the second 
Sunday in Septem.ber, 1925, and ordained brother R. 
J. Lee a Deacon. 

16. That our coming Spring Session convene with 
the church at Pleasant Grove, Union County, N. C, on 
Saturday before the first Sunday in May, 1926, and 
that Elder Jason Eudy preach the Introductory Ser- 
mon, Elder Will A. Helms his alternate and Service 
commence at 11 o'clock a. m. 

And that our next Annual or Fall Session be held 
with the church at Union Grove, Union County, N. C, 
commencing on Saturday before the first Sunday in 
October, 1926, that Elder J. M. Bagwell be appointed 
to preach the Introductory Sermon, Elder W. C. Ed- 
wards his alternate. Service to commence at 11 a. m. 

17. Treasurer read last year's financial Statement 
v/hich showed now on hand from last year $ 4.05 

18. Finance Committee reported sent up 

this year 120.60 

Total minute and Associational Fund $124.65 

19. That the Clerk be Treasurer and superintend 
the printing of 1100 copies of these minutes and dis- 
tribute them out as usual and that we allow him same 
amount as last year for his services to the association. 

20. That we return thanks to God and this church 
and brethren, sisters and friends of the community for 
kind hospitality during this meeting. 

21. Agreed to distribute surplus funds to ministers 

22. Above minutes read and approved. 

,23. Then adjourned to times and places above 
mentioned. Short prayer by the Moderator. Preach- 
ing at the Stand on Monday by Elders J. A. Cave and 
R. O. Raulston. 

Elder W. C. EDWARDS, Modertor, Wingate, N. C. 
J. W. JONES, Clerk, Peachland, N. C. 


Sent up by the churches for minute and Assso- 

ciational Expenses $120.60 

Left over from last year 4.05 

Total Funds $124.65 


For Printing- and Mailing Minutes $45.00 

Allowance to Clerk 15.00 

Distributed to Ministers 64.00 

Total Spent $124.00 $124.00 

Left in Treasury 6 Sets 


Bear Creek — J. A. Barbee'% A. J. Furr, Harvey Almond. 
Bethany — Represented by Elder J. F. Mills. 
Conco-d — J. L. Overcash, J. F. Burrus, James Hinson 
Clarks Grove — Elder Jason Eudy, Robt. Lee, G. W. Barbee. 
Crooked Creek — Gilbert Benton, L. L. Little, Luther Williams. 
Flat Lake — Lacy Craven, C. F. Dunn, O. F. Haywood 
Freedom — Not represented. 

High Hill— S. H. Edwards, G. W. Helms, C. A. Helms. 
High Ridge — Grover Mills, John Smith, J. P. Rushing. 
Howards Chapel — Arch Carpenter, S. L. Taylor, Thomas Howard. 
Jerusalem — W. E. Moore, W. A. Helms, J. W. Edwards. 
Jones Hill — Virgil Whitley, Walter Greene, A. A. Morton. 
Liberty — Elder H. Taylor, J. B. Whitley, Oscar Broom. 
Liberty Hill — John Crisco, C. W. Safiey, C. F. Morton. 
Lawyers Spring — J. W. Jones, H. M. Baucom, W. A. Dry 
Meadow Cieek — SIder D. S. Jones, H. A. Williams. 
Mountain Creek — J. S. Misenheimer, W. R. Morton, W. P. 

New Zion — E]lder W. A. Helms, S. M. Underwood, M. A. Helms, 
Pleasant Hill — Henry Hope=^=, J. M. Taylor*, H. P. Cashion. 
Pleasant Grove — L. L. Griffin, T. A. Helms, Lonnie Mills. 
Philadelphia — Foster Beam, S. J. McKiney, William Daves. 
Running C.eek — R. F. Almond, J. D. Eury, E. N. Hatley. 
Union Grove — F. P. Deese, G. C. Baucom, L. W. Medlin. 
Watson — T.oy Simpson, Oscar Mullis, Preston Helms. 
Absentees marked thus 






•rH m 


Bear Creek 



C larks Grove 

Crooked Creek 

Flat Lake 


High Hill 

High Ridge 

Howards Chapel 


Jones Hill 


Liberty Hill 

Lawyers Spring 

Meadow Creek 

Mountain Creek .... 

New Zion 

Pleasant Hill 

Pleasant Grove 


Running Creek 

Union Grove 


Totals 24 churches 



41 2 









11 13 580|$120.60 





Bear Creek — J. A. Barbee, Rt. 1, Oakboro, N. C 1st in August 

Bethany — Mrs. Fannie Safly, Rt. A, Wadesboro, N. C. 3d in Aug. 

Concord — J. L. Overcash, Concord, N. C 3rd in Aug. 

Clarks Grove — G. W. Barbee, Midlind, N. C 2nd in July 

Crooked Creek — L. L. Little, Unionville, N. C 4th in July- 
Freedom — J. W. Deese, Rt. 6, Albemarle, N. C. 

Flat Lake— O. F. Haywood, Mt. Gilead, N. C 4th in July 

High Hill — W. M. Clontz, Rt. 1, Unionville, N. C 1st in Sept. 

Hi^h Ridge — J. B. Medlin, Rt. 1, Marshville, N. C. 3rd in July 
Howards Chapel — Arch Carpenter, Rt. 1, Norwood, N. C. 1st Sept. 

Jerusalem — T. F. Mills, Marshville, N. C 2nd in Aug. 

Jones Hill — Walter Greene, Rt. 1, Oakboro, N. C 3.-d in Sept. 

Liberty — J. B. Whitley, Rt. 7, Monroe, N. C. 

Liberty Hill — C. F. Morton, Oakboro, N. C 4th in July 

Lawyers Spring — H. M. Baucom, Peachland, N. C 1st in Aug. 

Meadow Creek — H. A. Williams, Stanfield, N. C 3rd in Aug. 

Mountain Cieek — J. S. Misenheimer, Rt. 2, Albemarle, 

N. C 3rd in July 

Pleasant Grove — T. A. Helms, Marshville, N. C 2nd in July 

Pleasant Hill — H. P. Cashion, Rt. 2, Barber, N. C. 4th in June 
New Zion-'J. P. Whitley, Harrisburg, N. C. 
Philadelphia-FosterBeam, Ellenboro, N. C. 4th in Aug. 
Running Creek — J. H. McClure, Rt. 1, Mt. Pleasant 

N. C 2nd in Aug. 

Union Grove — A. E. Little, Unionville, N. C 2nd in Sept. 

Watson — S. L. Mullis, Rt. 2, Unionville, N. C 4th in May 


Elder J. F. Mills, Route 1, Marshville, N. C. 

Elder W. C. Edwards, Wingate, N. C. 

Elder Henry Taylor, Monroe, N. C. 

Elder B. L. Treece, Route 2, Albemarle, N. C. 

Elder W. R. Helms, Mt. Pleasant, N. C. 

Elder D. S. Jones, Stanfield, N. C. 

Elder J. M. Bagwell, Monroe, N. C. 

Elder Jason Eudy, Oakboro, N. C 

Elder Will A. Helms, Rt. 7, Concord, N. C. 



1st. A Moderator, or Chief Speaker, and Clerk 
may be chosen by the suffrages of the members pres- 

2nd. The Chief Speaker, or Moderator, shall take 
his seat at the hour to which the Association shall be 
adjourned, and after prayer shall proceed to business. 
It shall be his duty to keep order, and shall be entitled 
to the same privilege of speech as that of another 
member; provided, he appoint one of the members to 
fill the chair during the exercise of such privilege, and 
in no case shall give a vote unless the Association be 
equally divided. 

3rd. Only one micmber shall be allov/ed to speak at 
a time, vv^ho shall rise from his ^eat and address the 
Chief Speaker by the application of brother, and while 
speaking shall confine himself strictly to the subject 
in question and shall not be interrupted unless he di- 
gress from the subject, and shall in no wise reflect on 
any other speaker, so as to make remarks on his slips 
and failings and imperfections, but shall fairly give 
his own views of the case without sophistry or criticism 

4th. No person shall speak more than three times 
on one subject without leave of the Association. 

5th. No person shall absent himself from the Asso- 
ciation without leave. 

6th. No member of the Association shall address 
any other member by any other term or name than 
that of brother. 

7th. The Chief Speaker, or Moderator, shall not 
interrupt one member to prohibit him from speaking 
until his speech is finished, except he break the Rules 
of Decorum. 

8th. The names of all members of the Association 
shall be enrolled by the clerk, and be called over as 
often as the Association may require. 

Sth. Any member who shall willingly and know- 
ingly break or violate any of the foregoing rules of 
this Association, shall be reproved by the Association 
in any way they may think proper. 


Article 1. We believe in one only living and true 
God, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost. 


Art. 2. We believe in the man Jesus being the first 
of all God's creation and the pattern of all God's per- 
fection in nature, providence, grace and glory, and 
in relative union with the divine v\^ord, and thus united 
with the whole Trinity. 

Art. 3. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and 
New testaments contain the only written revealed 
word of God, and are the only perfect rule of faith and 
practice for God's church in her militant state while 
here on earth. 

Art. 4. We believe in the doctrine of Election, that 
God chose His church in Christ Jesus before the world 

Art. 5. We believe in all mankind's apostacy by 
transgression in Adam, the federal head. 

Art. 6. We believe in the doctrine of original sin. 

Art. 7. We believe in the impotency of man to re- 
cover himself from his fallen state by his own free will 
and ability. 

Art. 8. We believe that sinners are justified freely 
by grace and before God by faith in Christ and his 
righteousness only. 

Art. 9. We believe that God's elect or church shall 
be called, converted, regenerated and sanctified by the 
Holy Spirit in due time. 

Art. 10. We believe that the saints shall persevere 
in grace and never really fall away. 

Art. 11. We believe that baptism and the Lord's 
Supper are ordinances of Christ's appointment and 
that believers alone are the subjects of baptism and the 
only proper communicants of the supper; that the 
mode of baptism is immersion, and that neither of the 
ordinances is to be altered or changed by the inven- 
tions or opinions of men. 

Art. 12. We believe that no man as a minister has 
any right to the administration of any of the ordinan- 
ces of the gospel except such as are sound in the faith 
of the gospel, regularly baptised, called of God and 
have come under the imposition of hands by a regular 

Art. 13. We believe in the resurrection of the dead, 
both the just and the unjust, and a general judgment. 

Art. 14. We believe that the punishment of the 
wicked will be everlasting and the joys of the righteous